Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hardwick Hall - CLOK Summer League - 21 April 2016

Having planned the courses , Kate Hampshire Wright ran the long course on a non competitive basis - which explains why she is apparently not putting much effort in on the run to the line.

A good turnout from NN to round 2 of CLOK's summer league at Hardwick Hall close by Sedgefield. Probably one of the finest evenings of the year to date and a huge contrast from the frozen wastes of Whitby for CLOK's event on the preceding Saturday. T shirts and shorts weather for a frenzied run round Hardwick Hall Park on courses planned by our very own Kate Hampshire Wright .
Thanks to David Aspin of CLOK / New Marske Harriers for the excellent paparazzi work on show here - as well as to CLOK for a fine evening event which was deservedly  well supported.
A pensive Saskia Warren , speeds towards control 2.

Debbie Warren takes the long route round the pond to avoid being speared by the statue

A fumble at the first control costs seconds to add to the lacksadaisical start - things can only get better...

Captured in  athletic profile is Dougie Nisbet - using those  shades for extra streamlining to save a few more seconds

One of NN's squad of super fast girls , Yolanda Hampshire Wright provides a great running partner for Hannah.

An inauspicious start for our NN Chairman , Nigel Wright , who consults a bystander (Chris Clynes)  about where he is . He's probably only looking for the cafe anyway which doesn't need a map just a quick check of his surrounds.The sign reading 'start' may provide some assistance if he gets really stuck !

Is that it ? As NN coach , Julian Warren , comes to a crashing halt at the finish

It'll be getting dark soon , so Nigel Wright dispenses with the map and relies on instinct to speed to the finish.

This must be the right way - instinct tells me that  cameraman Dave Aspin surely has placed himself on the track to the next control. Now to hunt down Kate Hampshire Wright who must know the course....

Quite a treat for Michael Thompson to finish off a race with a sprint - as opposed to dragging his body weight in mud to the finish on his shoes as happened recently at the North eastern cross country champs

What most other competitors usually see of the famous NN shirt !

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